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Thanks for coming along for the ride for all of these years. 

For my birthday, my brother gave me a camera and an affirmation; “I think you’ll really enjoy this.”

Not long after, I stumbled upon an abandoned house in Lawrence Harbor. Thinking nothing of it, I snapped a quick black and white photo, and went about my day. Later that night, when looking at the image on my computer’s monitor, I was entranced. “Look at the sun peeking through the leaves! Look at the house hiding behind the trees!” It was at this moment I realized I’d been a lifelong photographer without a camera.

I’ve always viewed things composed, framed, and in a three-dimensional space that I couldn’t explain. Now as a photographer, I can capture and present what I see and feel.

Shape, color, and light (or the lack thereof) brings a unique voice to all that I witness; they bring significance to both the obvious and the otherwise mundane.

Whether in my local New Jersey surroundings, or in my journeys throughout the world, I explore. I slow down; I see. I find an equally satisfying sense of beauty in seascapes and city centers. It’s not about the subject itself, but what it says.

Thank you for letting me share my vision with you.

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